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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Want to know what bed bugs look like? Click here and find out all the details about the most persistent pest in the United States.

Bed bugs are one of the most common and persistent pests you might encounter in your home, but do you know exactly what bed bugs look like?

We’ve all heard about itchy bites and sleepless nights caused by bed bugs, but have you actually seen one in person? There are a few bugs that resemble bed bugs, therefore we offer a full guide to assist you to recognize them.

Identification is critical for successful pest management because it is important to use the right tools and methods for the right pests.

Photo of bed bugs

What Does an Adult Bedbug Look Like?

Because bed bugs are extremely sneaky and small, you might have to use glue traps or interceptors to catch a few before determining the extent of the infestation. 

Adult bed bugs are distinguished by the following characteristics:

Bed bugs, due to their size, may hide in any nook and crevice conceivable. Your bed, mattress, bedframe, walls, and floors are all examples of this. However, unlike roaches, bed bugs do not establish colonies and instead live in tiny groups scattered around your bedroom.

This can make it difficult to notice the actual bed bugs, and if you have a lot of itchy bites in the morning, you might suspect you have an infestation.

What Do Nymphs Look Like?

Young bed bugs are also called nymphs and they are slightly different looking than adult bed bugs. You can recognize the nymphs for their pale almost translucent color

Even though they are even harder to notice the nymphs will hide in your bed and soon be mature enough to feed. Once they have a blood meal their bodies will change color from bright red to brownish in time.

Nymphs develop in several stages, and it will take a couple of days for the adult bed bugs to be fully developed. But, this means the infestation can become severe in a matter of weeks, so it’s best to contact the exterminators as soon as you notice any signs of bed bug infestation.

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like?

Bed bug eggs are the hardest to find and identify primarily because they are the size of a pinhead. Additionally, the pearl-white color of bed bug eggs has made them practically invisible to humans.

Keep in mind though, just because you can’t find the eggs doesn’t mean they are not there and that you stopped the infestation. Bed bugs demand persistence and the right tools to be completely eliminated.

Bed bug life cycle.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

If you want to confirm that you have a bed bug infestation and you now know what bed bugs look like, you should focus on their hiding spots. As previously said, bed bugs are so small that they can make any tiny location their home, and because they prefer to be near to their meal, or in this case, you, they are most likely lurking in the mattress or your bed.

Here are a few locations you should look for bed bugs:

Use a strong flashlight to examine all the hiding places, and put an interceptor trap under your bed to capture specimens and confirm the infestation.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bug traps under the bed.

Now that we are familiar with bed bug appearance and you had a chance to see a few bed bug photos it should be easier to identify them. Once you are sure you are dealing with a bed bug infestation here are a couple of ways to manage it and completely eliminate the pests from your home:

  1. Use interceptor traps
  2. Set up a few glue bed bug traps
  3. Vacuum and clean your mattress
  4. Spray all surfaces with the bed bug-killing spray
  5. Use specialized laundry detergents
  6. Call professional exterminators

Bed bug infestations are not to be taken lightly, and the best results are often achieved if you react immediately. In the beginning, you can set up a few interceptors and glue traps, to confirm the infestation, lower the number of bites you get each night, and evaluate the severity of the infestation.

Additionally, there are also great eco-friendly solutions on the market that will kill all the bed bugs in your bed, sheets, furniture, and mattress without harsh chemicals. This way you can be sure your family is safe and the bed bugs are completely eradicated.

In case the infestation is severe and you can’t manage the bed bugs on your own it’s always a good idea to call professional help and rely on exterminators for help.


Bed bugs are persistent and very resilient creatures that can hide in the smallest crevices in your bed, mattress, walls, and furniture. With our detailed guide, you now know how bed bugs look and where to find them.

And with additional tips and tricks, you will end the infestation faster and more efficiently.