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The Best Bed Bug Traps

Discover the best bed bug traps on the market and get rid of pests fast and efficiently.

Are you waking up with itchy bed bug bites every morning and looking for the most effective way to get rid of them? Don’t worry, you are not alone, millions of people struggle with bed bug infestations so we decided to list the best bed bug traps – that work!

It’s always a good idea to use the traps listed below as soon as you notice early signs of bed bug infestation, but if you think the pests are out of control consider contacting professional exterminators.

But, let’s see first what you can do to eliminate as many bed bugs as possible and get the good night’s sleep you crave.

What Are Bed Bug Traps?

Depending on the trap and its function, bed bug traps are meant to attract, catch, and kill bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations can start with just a few minor bites or even a single female specimen and spread quickly. Because bed bugs reproduce quickly and are very good at hiding, it’s nearly impossible to determine whether you have any unwanted guests in your house.

Most people detect a few red spots and bites in the morning and generally ignore the condition until it becomes serious. So, if you don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals or spend money on expert exterminators, you may solve the problem with a few traps.

Traps will reduce the number of bites and allow you to assess the extent of the infestation.

Types of Bed Bug Traps

Depending on your residence and the intensity of the bed bug infestation, you may want to consider several types of bed bug traps. Each one is intended to reduce the number of bugs while also allowing you to evaluate the efficiency of other strategies you are employing.

Bed Bug Interceptor Traps

Interceptor traps are the best bed bug traps for bed legs and one of the best methods to keep bed bugs at bay. 

The plastic pitfall trap is positioned beneath the bed legs, where bugs climb up to feed at night. Bed bugs can emerge from their hiding locations and crawl into the interceptor trap, but they are unable to exit because of the smooth interior walls of the trap.

Interceptor traps are an excellent alternative for those who wish to monitor the infestation and determine whether or not there are any bed bugs in the home. Because they are composed of high-quality plastic, the interceptor traps may be used repeatedly.

The interceptors are completely eco-friendly and contain no pesticides.

Interceptor trap under the bed.

Bed Bug Glue Traps

Bed bugs are little, flat insects that can fit into every nook and crevice, including your bed, mattress, headboard, and linens. Bed bugs may be undetectable to the naked eye due to their size, but they are readily caught with sticky glue traps. All of the bugs lurking in your bed or other locations will ultimately emerge to feed, therefore the best method to catch them all is with strategically placed sticky traps.

For optimal success, place a few traps about your room, on the floor, and between the mattress and the bed frame.

DIY Traps

DIY traps may appear to be inexpensive and handy, but they are rarely effective.

People who use yeast and sugar to attract bugs must be especially cautious about the amounts. It may not be hazardous, but it may quickly get messy.

On the other hand, you may hear that simple tape may be used as glue traps, but this will not catch the bugs. Pests frequently dodge such traps or just flee since the adhesive is insufficiently strong.

When dealing with persistent and huge infestations, it is preferable to invest in high-quality, proven-effective solutions than manufacturing your own instruments. If you pick the appropriate methods from the start, you will save a lot of money and your health.

The Best Bed Bug Traps

Now that we’ve covered the most popular bed bug traps, we’ll look at the best selections on the market and why they’re so effective.

1. EcoPest Bed Bug Interceptors

Sturdy and reusable interceptor cups that are easy to install and even easier to clean. The EcoPest bed bug interceptors are by far the most popular and effective trap you can use to monitor and manage bed bug infestation.

Ecopest interceptor traps

2. ShieldFlex Interceptors

ShieldFlex bed bug interceptors are constructed with a thicker base plate than others on the market. This allows for them to accommodate heavier pieces of furniture without cracking. The ShieldFlex brand is one of the most highly-reviewed brands of bed bug traps.

3. SenSci ActivVolcano

The SenSci ActivVolcano is a simple, discrete, and highly popular bed bug attraction and capture device that can attract up to double the number of bed bugs and may be utilized in any environment.

4. CatchMaster - The Slider™

Unique design and creative solutions allow you to monitor and eliminate bed bugs from your bed and mattress. The slider is a great addition to your tools to fight against bed bugs and with the clear window on the trap, you can see all the pests captured right away.

5. ClimbUp Insect Interceptors

ClimbUp bed bug interceptors come in various shapes, sizes and colors. This brand carries a “discrete” model which is smaller than most and ideal for those not wanting to bring attention to a possible bed bug infestation.

In addition to the traps mentioned above, other well-known brands such as HotShot, BuggyBeds, and PF Harris manufacture bed bug glue traps.