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Moth Balls

About this item
  • The Enoz Para Moth Balls are our top pick in this category. These moth balls kill destructive moths, moth eggs & moth larvae and are designed for long term or seasonal storage, in sealed containers in blanket chests, drawers, sweater boxes and trunks for worry free moth protection during storage. Enoz Moth Para Balls are designed to combat and kill clothes moths, carpet beetles, and their eggs and larvae and are most effective when used in air-tight containers, killing moths once activated.
  • The Enoz Para Moth Balls are made with active ingredient Paradichlorobenzene, which has a less offensive odor and evaporates more readily than traditional Naphthalene mothballs. This product is for use in closets, garment bags, enclosed or plastic storage containers, storage units, or anywhere moths may forage.
  • Enoz is a trusted brand with products for pest control for carpet beetles, clothes moths, cockroaches, fleas, ants, spiders, wasps, and more.

Available in:

Top Runner Ups


MothGuard Moth Balls


Reefer-Galler Moth-Tek Lavender Scented Moth Ball Packets


Enoz Lavender Scented Moth Ball Packets


Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Balls

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