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Cedar Repellents

About this item
  • The Household Essentials Value Pack is our top choice in this category. This value pack comes with an assortment of cedar products including: Cedar Hang Ups, Cedar Hanger Rings, Cedar Cubes, and Cedar Sachets for a truly powerful punch of cedar freshness for every closet in home.
  • Unlike chemical moth balls or moth ball equivalents, Cedar Fresh cedar is natural and safe for your home and family. Its scent and pest-control properties come from its natural aromatic oils, so you can be sure that you get effective protection without harmful side effects and byproducts.
  • Household Essentials products are made from 100% Eastern red cedar which is naturally fast-growing, so it is a reliable and sustainable resource. Its growth and processing is safe without the harsh byproducts of chemical pest control and air fresheners. It is a soft wood, with a warm, natural smell that you might recall from Grandma's cedar closet. Its aromatic properties come from the natural tree oils. These aromatic oils are safe and effective air fresheners that also repel pests like moths and spiders.

Available in:

Top Runner Ups


Cedar Hyde Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage


Moth Repellant for Clothes (65 Pack)


Cedar Sense Cedar Rings


ACMETOP Cedar Hang Ups


Aromatic Cedar Blocks for Clothes Storage With Cedar Oil


Brite Lightingtech Cedar Balls for Closets and Drawers

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