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Topical Repellents

About this item
  • Sawyer Picardin Insect Repellent Lotion is our top pick in this product category. This lotion is highly effective at deterring a wide array of insects and is great for use on both skin and clothing. The non-greasy Picaridin offers all day protection, has a pleasant low citrus odor, and won’t damage plastics or synthetic coatings.
  • Picaridin is the perfect balance of efficacy, safety, and user-friendliness. In addition to mosquitoes, it repells a wide variety of pests including: ticks, biting flies, sand flies, gnats, chiggers, and midges. One of the longest lasting repellents available, it provides up to 14 hours of protection against mosquitoes and ticks (using the lotion; up to 12 hours for spray models), and up to 8 hours against a variety of flies, chiggers, and gnats.
  • Sawyer manufactures both sprays and lotions. Sprays have the advantage of being able to be applied to clothing where it remains effective longer than on skin. Since repellents work as a 3 inch barrier, clothing applications can often protect 6 inches away from exposed skin, reducing your usage on skin. For optimal protection Sawyer recommends lotion on the skin and spray on the clothing.

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