Best Bed Bug Heaters to Kill and Exterminate Bed Bugs

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About this item
  • The ZappBug Heater is a commercial quality bed bug killer for heat-treating infested items in a home or business setting. The ZappBug Heater features a collapsible chamber that unfolds to form a heat treatment box, ideal for returning travelers who need to heat their luggage or businesses with limited storage space.
  • Place items inside, zip closed, and press "on". Storability and ease of use make the ZappBug Heater an ideal choice for shelters, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other settings that frequently struggle with bed bugs. Unfolded, the ZappBug Heater measures 23 inches-by-37.5 inches-by-23 inches. It is the perfect size to heat treat shoes, books, papers, clothes, electronics, and other items.
  • The ZappBug Heater includes one 120-volt, 1500-watt thermal unit, which requires an independent 120-volt circuit to operate.

Available in:

ZappBugUnscented -

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