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Fly Ribbons

About this item
  • Terro Fly Magnet Fly Paper is our top pick in this category. This product uses a sticky ribbon to attract and trap flies and other airborne insects.
  • The Fly Magnets come in cardboard tubes that, when twisted open, expose a sticky surface to trap flies. Each tube includes a hanging ribbon and thumbtack for easy installation inside barns, at campsites, on porches, in kennels and at vacation homes. This fly paper requires no baiting, does not have a strong odor, and won’t create a mess.

Available in:

Top Runner Ups


BugBane Fly Strips


Dwcom Fly Tape


Hywean Fly Ribbons


Raid Fly Ribbon


Stingmon Sticky Fly Ribbon


Enposmre Sticky Fly Strips

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