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Electronic Traps

About this item
  • The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is our top pick in this category. Intended for only indoor use, this trap will catch the flies that make it inside of your home. This product uses UV light to attract attract flying insects, then the fan sucks them in and a sticky glue board traps the bugs.
  • The product is subtle and stylish, measuring only 8.8 inches tall by 5 inches wide. In addition to being effective against flies, this trap also works great to trap fruit flies, gnats and moths. Place the trap close to drains, trash cans, fruit bowls or anywhere you see flying insect activity. For best results, power on the trap at night so it is the only slight source to lure flies and other insects to.
  • The product comes with four glue boards which can each remain sticky for months. Replacement glue boards come in packs of eight.

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